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This document covers some of the most frequently asked questions about how to use

Website Questions

I didn't sign up or pay anything, but I'm able to make and download worksheets. Are they really free?

They are free for educational purposes, yes. Click here for details on what we allow.

PDF Usage

How can I send someone only the problem page?

How can I split/combine pages of your PDF files?

PDF files can be split into parts. In you are on a Mac, the built-in Preview app can extract and delete pages from a PDF file.

Google Chrome is also capable of splitting PDF files using its print-to-PDF feature. Open the file (if not open already) in Chrome by dragging the file to a window. Select Print as if you were going to print to your printer, but instead click Change under "Destination" and choose Save as PDF. Under Pages, specify the range of pages you want to extract, and save.

How can I make changes to the PDF document?

Some commercial software is able to make limited modifications to PDF files, and they work with the files from Adobe Acrobat and Readdle PDF Expert are just two. They are able to add new text elements, delete others, and even move things around the page.

Where can I find the answer keys?

For worksheets that need answers, they are always found on a page included in the PDF file. The answers will not be found on the website itself.

I lost the PDF file of the worksheet that I handed out. How can I get another copy of the answer key?

Some worksheets use random number generation to shuffle the possible inputs. If you come back later and create the same worksheet, the answer key will be different. Due to the complexity of the page generator, it's not possible to use a random seed number to get the same answer key. So, make sure that you hold on to the original PDF or answer key page, or you might find yourself working all the problems yourself.

Bugs & Features

When I print a cursive handwriting worksheet, I only get the lines, but no words.

There is a bug in recent versions of MacOS which causes this behavior. The problem involves the font used in the "old" cursive worksheets. If you print the PDF from Windows or Linux, it will come on the page correctly. However, we will be removing the "old" handwriting worksheets soon. The newer ones (at the top of the handwriting practice page) use smooth lines and have more features, so we encourage you to use those instead.

Can you modify a worksheet to ______ ?

Maybe. We're always open to ideas on how to improve the worksheets, and we rarely think of every possibility. Send us a feedback message and describe in detail what you are looking for. Even better if you can send us a picture with your changes.

Can you create a worksheet that does ______ ?

Maybe. We have a some worksheets that exist simply because someone asked for them. Send us a feedback message describing what you're looking for. Even better if you can send us a picture.

I found a misspelling / grammar error / other mistake!

We do make mistakes. Please let us know so that we can verify and correct it.

A word or sentence you used in problem worksheet is inappropriate!

We are aware that some people may find our particular word choice inappropriate, and we are sensitive to that. Let us know what you found, and we will consider removing or replacing it.

Your map of  (country)  is wrong because it shows   (area)   as part of  (something else)  !

There are dozens of disputed borders around the world. We realize that not everyone is going to be happy with how they are shown on our maps.

When there are differences of opinion, we use the borders and names recognized by the United Nations or National Geographic. You can always ask us about an inaccuracy and we will consider a change, but we prefer to let others handle the politics.

Accounts & Payments

What do I get when I sign up as a member?

Premium members have access to some additional materials not available to anonymous users. If you browse around long enough, you will run into one. They are often found as parts of collections such as pixel pictures or reading exercises.

Do you have a free trial period?

While you still need to create an account with a payment, we're very flexible on cancellations. If you don't think it's for you, you can use the member page to cancel and get a full refund during the first 30 days, no questions asked. And you will remain a premium member for the remainder of those 30 days.

If I buy a membership, can I republish or resell your materials?

Do you sell a republishing license?

No, the reproduction rights are the same for free or premium members. Click here for details on what we allow.

Why don't you take PayPal for payment?

We are working on adding more payment options. PayPal in particular has been challenging to get authorization for.

Is my credit card safe with you?

We actually don't touch your payment information at all. The form for payments is served by Braintree Payments, and they take care of all the security and regulations related to financial records. Nothing is saved on our website except your bare-bones account information.

If I buy a membership, does the logo at the top go away?

Not yet, but alternative page layouts that don't include our logo are in the works.

What happens when my membership expires?

If you'd like to renew for another year, we offer a discount for renewals. You can renew and get that lower price for up to a year after the current membership term expires. You can find that option on the member page.

Is my email address and password safe with you?

We store email addresses in plaintext format but they are never shared with anyone. Passwords are stored as salted hashes with strong encryption. The passwords themselves are not stored anywhere.

I forgot my password, can you tell me what it is?

No. We don't store passwords, only hashes of them. That means that we can only confirm that the password you enter is the right one. To reset your password, you only need to prove you have access to your email account.

If you are not signed in already, there is a link on the sign in dialog that offers to reset your password. It will send a link to your email address. Using that link (or the code) demonstrates that you own that email address, and the website will allow you to provide a new password.

Why was my credit card rejected by you? It works fine everywhere else.

This happens occasionally, especially when using cards issued by banks outside the United States. In almost all cases, it's the credit card issuing bank that rejected the transaction. You should call your bank to find out why they are not allowing the transaction to go through.

I bought a membership, but I changed my mind. How do I cancel and get a refund?

You can get a refund by going into the member page and follow the instructions. If the cancellation button doesn't appear because too much time has passed, contact us.

Other Questions

Can we put ads on your site? We can help you monetize!

We generally don't like ads, so we don't serve ads on our website.

You seem to be very popular... Can you promote my website on yours?

Probably not, but you can always ask.


If you have a question that is not covered by this FAQ, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer it.

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